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Looking to surprise a special one?

Book a surprise serenade or singing telegram!

With a little sugar and a whole lot of rock n' roll, The Sweethearts sing a sweet surprise medley
for you and the guest(s) of honor, customized to the nature of your event. Whether it's a birthday,
anniversary, or special occasion, The Sweethearts are the perfect treat, singing 1950's favorites from
Rock Around the Clock to In the Still of the Night to Only You.





Where can The Sweethearts perform a surprise serenade or singing telegram?
The Sweethearts can perform at any public, private or corporate event.  The Sweethearts have also appeared at restaurants, offices and parks!

How does it work?
The Sweethearts can burst onto the scene of your event or surprise the guest of honor at a restaurant or workplace.  Whether it's a birthday, anniversary, or special occasion, The Sweethearts offer a 1950's serenade complete with photo ops with the honored guest(s).  Roll out the cake and The Sweethearts can lead your guests in Happy Birthday or Happy Anniversary for their finale!

Do The Sweethearts sing with accompaniment?
Yes! The Sweethearts perform with professionally produced background track accompaniment and can arrive with a portable sound system provided by Sunset Singers or easily connect with the sound system at your event.

Do The Sweethearts travel outside of Los Angeles?
Absolutely. The Sweethearts travel all over the United States and beyond. Travel fees apply for those events outside of Los Angeles.

How do I book a surprise serenade for our event?
Simply fill out this Sunset Singers Event Form to get started or contact us directly to get your quote.

We're available for any questions, requests and concerns at any time leading up to your special event.





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